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Heads, diabetes
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So what’s the point to this open memoir?

Contemporary outlook and well designed as it is. There are countless books already stacking shelves on the subject of diabetes, covering everything from introductions to, diets for (essentially fast food brochures), how to spot and even miracles to cure. – Although if Dr. Young with his ‘pH Miraclelooked deep enough into my blood cells all he would find is confusion and guilt.

We have courses for sufferers with long, supportive and understanding names such as S.A.D.I.E (Skills for Adjusting Diet and Insulin in East Sussex), D.A.F.N.E (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) and D.E.S.M.O.N.D.S (Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed) enabling us with new coping mechanisms for a modern, life balanced approach to diabetes. – Unfortunate then that my Diabetes Specialist Nurses refused to share any answers till week four.

As for experts, we have unprecedented access to Diabetes Experts in every major hospital both private and state; sharing with them a wealth of tens of thousands of years combined medical knowledge. The benefits of which are then distilled and filtered throughout proven chains of communication, via Consultants to Doctors, Dieticians and Nurses, right down to Pharmacists and the Optometrists. – My Doctor does not know his arse from his elbow.





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Supporting these are the multi trillion dollar Global Pharmaceutical Industries, where the white coats of the scientific and medical professions break down diabetes even further, on a molecular biological and genetic level: additional insight gained only through the diligent and meticulous cross referencing of clinical trial outcomes in a million other research fields. – Before piecing and packaging it all back together again with the latest product developments (plastic pens), marketing trials data and foresight from Public Relations Ribena Executives.


Not to mention, Diabetes Aware Human Resource Departments offering assurance to every major corporate entity, complementary medicine – Herbal Therapy Stores on every high street corner and Diabetes Proficient Personal Trainers at every gym. We even have diabetes iPhone apps and websites offering to sell-on our unused equipment. – HR departments in their insufferable role to placate the diabetic employee, whilst assessing the company’s legal standpoint prior to sacking. – David Cameron, I will get to you later.

As for registered Diabetes Charities and advocacy, advocating what exactly? Smiling faces, corporate sponsorship, helium balloons and tax avoidance for the benefit of whom? And all of this just for us to be instilled with an understanding of our condition and given the support necessary to cope with and conquer our life as a person with diabetes.


Heads or tails?





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Blood sugar test strips. Rightful understanding just responsibility.  
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