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You see the difficulty in being diabetic only starts with high sugar, diet and insulin.

It only ends for many in death due to complications with diabetes: but the difficulty in being diabetic is in the living and how blood sugar changes you.

Cheekbones and back along the ridge of my brow furrow, skin pale, eyes narrow and divisive. A piercing fault as I usher aside-clouding thought: that knot which resides buried deep within my forehead.

I’m trying to concentrate on what you are saying but instead I become frustrated. I look hacked off but I’m trying to pay you the attention you deserve. I’m shaking my hands and I’m trying to follow and focus on to realise what it is that you have to say; then sharp of tongue, ‘WHAT?’ ‘What is it that you are trying to say?’ but not because I want to snap at you: not because what you are saying has little substance or I’m disinterested, ‘What?’ because I can’t think, because I’m trying to understand. I’m trying to relate to you, to empathise with you although I’m clearly not coming across this way.

I am like this because my head is clouded and agitated and buzzing and I’m trying to communicate with you at the same time and it’s smothering me. I want to be there for you, I am there for you: I am here for you always. And I’m not ill tempered, especially not ill tempered towards you. But what should be clear; clear and simple open and just us becomes for me disagreement; disagreement repetition and frustration. Sharp of tongue and tense in tone, impending by pushy, wallowing then withdrawn and it’s horrible. You shouldn’t even have to try to understand.





I want to be a better person for you and I’m only four points of sugar away. My life is run by this simple biological block of not being able to cope with glucose on its own. I won’t let it continue to hurt me and I won’t continue to hurt you. I won’t allow it to stop me from becoming a great Husband and a great Father.

I know now why I’m writing this. I’m writing this book because I’m ready to settle down and I can’t be living or behaving like this anymore.

My love.

My love.

My love.






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