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What kind of person dedicates their life to understanding and sharing the emotions of diabetes?

An everyday diabetic of 21 years experience; Cathcart has come to understand his diabetes as a state-of-being rather than its medical definition. His core belief, ‘that only through a rightful understanding can we accept a just responsibility to our shared condition.’

I live in-between the fear of going blind, and I live well.






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What does Persona Non Grata with Diabetes mean?

I was asked this twice yesterday!

Well, when I was in the early stages of writing the book, I was made aware by a lady in an online forum of just how insulting I'd been, in referring to people with our condition as, 'diabetics.' Use of the term, 'a diabetic,' was foul; only the politically correct term, ‘a person with diabetes,’ should be implicit in our descriptor. I could almost see her point; we are after-all, a lot more than our disease; yet on the other hand, this struck me as being the most artificial and distant realisation of what living through diabetes really means, to the extent that it could be used as an excuse by those who don't support us, to be off hand and deny this as our state-of-being. Hence, ‘Persona Non Grata with Diabetes: A self-portrait of the diabetic condition,’ to the purpose of sharing this life on a deeply personal level, allowing the outside world to see in and us to shed some light.

I love all my diabetic brothers and sisters.






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