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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak with clear voice as an everyday diabetic.

My bet is that through diabetes we are all going through roughly the same. We live together-though-worlds-apart in some variation of the same highly stressed society, set within an ever more-anxious day and age; we share in the same (often-broken) ideal fundamental social grouping of family, standing surrounded by the same choices. So chances are you have either been through, are at present going through or may encounter the same diabetic screams as I have.

Life’s everyday factors of broken hearts and social influence; becoming lost and swallowed in a loved one’s emotional turmoil; pulled down by an inner depression, that stuff you keep at the back of your mind or career fatigue. Chances are at some point you are going to be left buckling under pressure with diabetes giving way under your feet, desperately trying to find a way out. Waiting for someone to convince you that you’re okay, that what you are going through is perfectly normal and that it's not your fault. – And it's not, you are, so please relax and everything will be fine. And just for your thoughts, what you are going through is very, very real.

As diabetics we must factor in the stresses and strains of everyday life with the fluctuations they cause to our condition. My core belief is that the Diabetes Industry has yet to fully come to terms with this (us), continuing to treat lightly the impact day-to-day living has on our health, and health has on our quality of life; overlooking the diabetic in the treatment of diabetes.

I’ve been mixing bottled insulin with life now for just over seventeen years, implementing a system of trial and error toward errant sugar (read: emotion) along the way. Such an approach has given me freedom to pursue the potential of my career; to often surpass the limits of sense, entering into excess in my private life, and perhaps most importantly, it has allowed me to body swerve reluctance, entertaining myself with the quality of life that I want.





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However, for all the varying levels of success returned, trial and error has only ever dragged me through: failing to prepare for the life confounding constant drama this condition would conspire, negating to reveal the severe underbelly of true ill health or the spiralling self-doubt and distress caused by simply imperfect blood sugar. In the absence of any real world insight as to what we’re struggling with (comfort blanket); or rejuvenated health care system; what would really have been useful is some sort of heads up, an indication to the tough times that lay ahead, a pocket guidebook for living a real life with diabetes – or a compendium for that matter. Ideally though, a ‘Big Brother’ diabetic buddy system and confidence of shared experience with someone to say,

"Hey, that same thing happened to me and look out for this or don’t feel bad about that. I’ve been through this already and it got me too but look on it like this and it‘s not so bad plus you can avoid it happening again in the future by…"

Taken from ‘A book I wish someone had written

In essence, someone who understands my on-going needs; my potential and future difficulties, someone who has been around the block a few times who can advise or at least reminisce on the professional, social and personal challenges to be overcome should I wish to continue with any resemblance of normal life – more than that, an idyllic life. A friend who can talk me through getting over the worst of it – or at least getting on top of it, even if it may already be too late for them.

And with that (and you) in mind I have writtenPersona non grata with diabetes,’ a lowbrow walkthrough of real life with diabetes, hoping that from within these shared pages we are able to draw parallels and exchange in lifetime experience, exemplified throughout in life defining moments. None of which stray too far, if at all, from a life with diabetes but all of which touch on this condition in one way or another; offering comfort in the knowledge that what we are going through both physically and emotionally is shared by us all.


Paul Cathcart - Diagnosed, class of 1993






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