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Best diabetic book ever *****

This is the most amazing book ever. It helps those with diabetes and those who know someone with diabetes. I have read this book so many times and have the hardback and the kindle editions. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who works with diabetics to get an understanding of how someone who has diabetes feels. It should be made compulsory reading for all educators. As someone with diabetes I can read it and relate to it so easily. There are parts in it where I just cry because someone has written exactly what I am going through. It's like seeing a light in a tunnel. So powerful and moving!

Lynda May 11, 2015


An essential read for any type 1 diabetic *****

Having had type 1 diabetes for nearly 20 years I have tried to read and learn as much as I could about the condition, I have attended a dafne course and met fellow type ones which was really useful. But this book is something different, I could relate to so much of what Paul Cathcart was writing, it made me laugh and cry. A really honest account of what we have to go through. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone with diabetes and those living with someone who has diabetes. Please write another one Paul!

Sharon Churchman, 08 May, 2015


Thank you so very much for writing and publishing your amazing book. I just put it down and felt ... *****

compelled to write my first ever review. I met my boyfriend a year and a half ago, on a drunken night out and we ended up back at mine at 4am. When we woke up at good knows when, feeling slightly worse for wear but happily cosy, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his insulin pen - cue me: "Oh what's that?" Him: "I'm diabetic"... "Ah OK... Want breakfast?" I think it was lucky I'd been shopping the day before and actually had something decent for us to eat in the kitchen. Anyway that seems both like yesterday and ages ago. I fell in love with this gentle, kind, quiet caring man within weeks... We seem to have been through a couple of ups and downs already but everything always works out well... but your book has just made me fall even deeper in love with him. I thought I had learned a lot since we met, not obsessively but slowly gaining knowledge, what was happening to his blood sugar, his highs and lows, the lethargy, the thirsts, what the hell HbA1c is . I knew that it got him down, especially as we struggled toward the end of last year with weight gains (we each gained about 5kg of love fat) and he was blaming his pump... We started looking to drink less and gym etc and have both lost that again since Christmas.... But I realise now I understoof very little of what sugar was doing to his head. Reading your book, so many disconnected little events started clicking into place in my mind... so much unexplained behaviour, so much about his sometimes quietness and difficulty in talking, even when very upset with life's problems with family, with employers, the world in general, so much of the emotional strain that he must, like you, have gone through over the last thirty years, things that he probably doesn't even realise himself... I can't put myself in his shoes though, I can't experience what he is going through, I wish I could swap places and give him a break from T1, but your book has helped connect the dots and see through some very infuriating and frustrating behaviour to the person underneath the sugar mountain... and I just want to reach out and wipe it all away. I hope this doesn't sound too sickly (haha), I was quite angry with him a couple of times this week including this evening, it's not easy sometimes to ignore certain things, my patience is limited and sometimes I have to go and have a time out... and come back from shutting myself away for half an hour and find a man in tears that I have left to lie in my bed with the door shut, because I'm angry, and I find a man very, very hurt by me and then I feel so bad again. Now he is out at the theatre and instead of my emotions festering in my stomach, my anger has dissolved into love and I look forward to a cosy cuddle and a good nights sleep. One paragraph you wrote, near the end of the book, which particularly helped me crystallise and pull all these threads together was this one: For us diabetes amplifies everything; if you feel just-not-right then broken blood sugar will make it wrong, as alcohol does an alcoholic; every bone of contention, every pulse of ill will, slight upset or lull, every wave of exhaustion and misunderstanding all amplified. Deformation of sadness, doubt and dependency; symptoms lost in a bigger world, it leaves us wilting. We push on. Anyway, I just couldn't stop myself from writing to say thank you. What an help it has been. I struggled with the first few preview pages of the book, but thought what the hell, give it a go, you might just learn something for £1.50. And I am glad I did. And I Did!

Amazon Customer, 08 May 2015


A self-portrait or a mirror? *****

An interesting account of finally being diagnosed as a diabetic. The reader grows up with Paul and makes you wonder what will be the next event in his life.

Manicman 17 April 2015


Persona Non Grata With Diabetes tells it like it is. A novel that is pure truth and definitely a must read! *****

Paul Cathcart has put into words how those of us dealing with this disease cope every day. His words are not sugar coated; they are truth to the core. Sometimes harsh, sometimes humorous, but always true. Persona Non Grata With Diabetes is a fantastic read for fellow diabetics, family, and friends. There are so many times that explaining our situation to others can be so hard for those of us with diabetes. Paul has done an excellent job portraying the life of a diabetic through his personal experiences. He has incorporated humor and realism into a novel that shows the physical and mental trials that diabetics face as well as the difficult decisions we must make along the way. This story not only helps others understand but gives those of us with diabetes a sense of comfort that we are not alone in this. Thank you, Paul, for a fantastic story that speaks from the heart and soul.

P. Dianne Buckner Feb 19th, 2015


This is a great book written from the perspective of a Diabetic, *****

Where so I start with this?
This is a great book written from the perspective of a Diabetic, and all the ups and downs that go with being a Diabetic. It's a must read for anyone that has a Diabetic in their life. Anyone in the medical field that wants to understand what Diabetics are going through, and what they are thinking, should read this too.

Edward, 31 January 2015


Those strips really do get everywhere! *****

Where so I start with this?
I bought this without hesitation based on a short sample I had read a while ago, being a type 1 diabetic myself I was desperate to find a book I could relate to, without the usual "step one, eat porridge for breakfast, step two, go for a walk, step three, eat cinnamon" that's the usual I tend to come across. Not this one though, I was drawn to this as soon as I read the first couple of pages.
Paul tells us exactly how this is, I found myself laughing and crying, crying not from being upset, but somewhat relief in being able to think to myself "bloody hell he's spot on".
I found being able to relate to a lot of what Paul has been through has helped me a lot, knowing someone else out there has gone through hell with diabetes but has a positive way of living with it is quite an inspiration!
I do apologise if my grammar is abit out, as I'm on my iPhone now, but I'd urge everyone who has diabetes or even knows someone with this grotty condition to buy the book or download the ebook version, you won't want to put it down.

Sarah Southern, 23 January 2015


"There is nothing else out there that better captures the anguish of being an out-of-control, Type 1 diabetic" *****

One reason this is a 5-star book is because there is nothing else out there that better captures the anguish of being an out-of-control, Type 1 diabetic whose body is falling apart. (I could fault Paul for occasionally being more stream-of-consciousness than I prefer, but then, if he'd done that, the power of his prose might have diminished.) We sure don't need more 'how to be a good diabetic' books written by supposed experts who themselves have never been on a hypoglycemic roller coaster. Paul delivers! Finally, I'm glad he hooked into true guru Dr. Richard Bernstein. Despite what the ADA, USDA, and medical establishment in general may say, purposeful low carb eating saves diabetics, not just in years of life, but also in quality of life.

Chad Lewis, 8 December 2014


Finally someone else understands what it's like to live with the beast ...*****

Do you have diabetes or is someone close to you diabetic? You need to read this book as it paints a true picture of the day to day struggle of managing this monster of a disease.

Nobody ever talks about the emotional consequences of having diabetes.
Go to the clinic and they'll tell you that it can cause kidney failure, blindness and numerous other physical complications, but they never tell you about the worry, the depression, the isolation and the creeping dread about someday losing your sight or your feet, or not being able to have children because pregnancy causes diabetic complications, or having a hypo in the street with nobody to help because passers by are mistaking your hypoglycemia for being drunk. Paul covers these worries and fears in his book. Yes, we all have them. We just don't talk about them.

I could have cried because finally, I realised that I'm not alone. Finally someone else understands what it's like to live with the beast that is diabollocks every day. When I was reading about his struggle, it was exactly what I've been through and will continue to go through every day for the rest of my life.

I applaud Paul for this ground breaking and brutally honest book, for saying the things which most diabetics keep to themselves. This is the best book on diabetes ever written. Diabetic clinics should give every newly diagnosed patient a copy of this. I was deeply moved by this very emotional, moving, beautifully written and at times very funny book. Thank you, Paul.

Fiona Doig, 16 November 2014


Persona Non Grata With Diabetes must read!,*****

A frank & real look into the life of one man who describes living with diabetes to perfection! Warts & all! Really brilliantly written! I highly recommend all diabetics & non-diabetics to explore this world (from a fellow diabetic from the heart). Well done Paul Cathcart.

Vanessa C D'Souza, 24 August 2014


An excellent read.,*****

An excellent read and so much of it that, as a diabetic of a similar age, I can relate to. Nice to know that the anxieties I have felt all of my life as a diabetic are shared and coped with by other diabetics. Inspiring!

Paul Sandland, 22 June 2014


Best Diabetes Book Around!!*****

Excellent Book!
My 12yr Old Son Is Type , So This Book Really Hits Home!! I Love It!
Mr Cathcart Is A Very Talented Writer.
Highly recommended.

Tanya DeMarco, 16 June 2014


Only halfway through, but.....,*****

I felt moved to write, and thank the author for writing this book. It is the most honest and moving account I have ever heard or read of a life with Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed in 1993, have been good, have been bad, have been very bad, and this helped me to realise I am not alone. It made me laugh and sometimes on the same page, nearly cry, and yes, insulin does smell like the inside of a hospital. Which may or may not always be comforting. Highly recommended to anyone living with Diabetes or living with someone with the condition. My partner is going to read it next! Thanks again. Keep writing.

Trinity, 16 May 2014


Living with diabetes,*****

Being a Type 1 diabetic for over 44 years now...I can totally relate to this book!! The misery at times...the helplessness...the humor...

Debra McMichael, 11 May 2014



This book mad me laugh but also sad. Gave me some insight to some of the things my son will need to deal with as he grows up. The author has put into words brilliantly his life, the ups and downs and emotions of living with Diabetes. Thank you for sharing your life and keep well.

Lesley A Cameron, 9 May 2014


A must read for all, *****

This is an excellent read for all diabetics and non diabetics too. A real insight into life with a condition that is so often dismissed by so called experts.

Mr. P. D. Gillingham, 25 February 2014


As a long time diabetic myself, *****

I’d like to say I could relate to this book, but nothing is further from the truth. Yes, I did have a few moments, but I didn’t relate to the book as much as some of the reviews I read. That said, I found this book entertaining. The author did a fabulous job of voicing his frustration with the disease and everything about the disease—dealing with the doctors and the lows and the highs and the complications that go along with it. His writing style is, well, interesting and sometimes crude, and I think that’s what made this a 5 star in my opinion. I mean that in the best of terms. I felt drawn to the writing and understanding that, even though I couldn’t exactly relate to all of it, I understood what he was feeling. A very honest and engaging read.

Angela, 25 February 2014



I recently read "Persona non grata with diabetes" written by Paul Cathcart.

Paul Cathcart has Type 1 diabetes diagnosed when he was in his teens. The book describes his experiences leading to the diagnosis and the frustrations, joys, and obstacles along the way.

Persona non grata with diabetes is captivating. It evokes every possible emotion you are capable of and links you with his thoughts throughout. The ups and downs, the good and bad (and not so bad). You feel what he feels.

(EDIT) Empathy with his experiences in later chapters, awed at his experiences in earlier chapters. His writing style is poignant in places - particularly the early chapters, dramatic in others, and comical throughout. He is an excellent writer and makes it difficult to put the book down.

The latter chapters of the book are currently reality. I found myself transported through my own experiences sharing similar frustrations: walking into the diabetes education centre and disgusted by staff snacking away on doughnuts, burgers, fries, full-leaded colas with a chocolate snack chaser. The smug remarks from pharmacist assistants when I need extra strips. Demanding answers as to why I am using more prescriptions meds than the 'script calls for.

Paul Cathcart has self-published his book Persona non grata with diabetes and needs our support.

Congratulations Paul, it is an outstanding book and extremely well written. I highly recommend you get a copy. You will enjoy every page and support a fellow diabetic struggling through life as we all are.

Andy Prevost, 25 February 2014


A book in a class of it's own. I've never read one quite like it!, ****

I must have bought hundreds if not thousands of things from Amazon in the past and this is the first time I have written a review, moved as I was by Paul Cathcart's memoirs. I, like I suspect most people who read this book, have a personal interest as my son has type 1 diabetes. While I don't agree with all of the author's conclusions (or, rather, how they would apply to a child), I respect his views and admire him for writing this book which I found to be a fascinating read. Heart wrenching at times and laugh-out-loud funny at times, I was horrified at the hardship of his childhood (just a few miles from where I live) and worried about his lifestyle as a young adult and disgusted by how the NHS ignored his pleas for help. I won't say too much so as not to spoil the ending, but just to say that the place where Paul is now sounds like a much happier place than the previous 17 years and I wish him well for the future.

Shelia, 23 February 2014


Threesomes!, *****

An amusing, touching and realistic no holds barred account of life as a t1. My daughter was diagnosed the week before her 9th bday she is now 11 on a pump and doing ok. As a mum I can do all the changes and read the numbers but can't know how it feels or affects. Paul gives an amusing and honest insight into type one and I only hope Ciaras outlook is as positive if not without threesomes .... Fifty shades of t1 indeed a must read for all t1 folk and their partners / parents/ siblings x

Cosynookcook, 23 February 2014


A Riveting Read, *****

Autobiographical and both sad and funny. Tells it how it is and straight from the heart. Graphic description of life generally, particularly as a diabetic in inner city Glasgow.

Bill Ledingham, 04 February 2014


"A book that will stay with me forever. *****

It made my eyes fill up with empathy and emotion, yet at the same time laugh out loud, loud enough for my husband to stop what he was doing and ask what was tickling my fancy!! This book actually made me talk to my husband more about my own past experiences, about the good moments and also the bad ones. Sometimes I read the same page twice. Not because I hadn't read it properly the first time around, but because for the very first time in my life I felt that I had never really gone through these emotions all on my own, someone somewhere out there was jumping on and off the very same ship as me! I felt at home. Paul Cathcart is a pure genius and this book is a must buy for anyone living, teaching and wondering, what does it really feel like to develop diabetes and live through the life that has been mapped out for them. How do they cope with diabetes day to day, week to week, month to month and year after year. This book tells it how it is and I can sum it up in the following words, breath taking, realistic and a million per cent spot on. Amazing. Rating 10/10."

Alison Oracz, Registered Nurse, 19 January 2014


"Yep. Yep. Yep. (Laugh). Yep. *****

A fantastic portrait of living with diabetes, including the fears, the unknowns, the frustrations, and even the positives that come hand-in-hand with living with this disease. I'm not entirely certain those with diabetes will take anything away from this, other than saying, ""Yep. Yep. Yep. (Laugh). Yep." in agreement as you read from cover-to-cover. This book IS perfect for those living with, or in a relationship with, someone who lives with diabetes. It is an open door into what it is like to live with this disease, from onset on forward. As an educator in the world of diabetes, I will certainly recommend this book to those wanting to know more than just the basic understanding of the disease. Good work Paul. You beat me to it!"

Dan Stabile, RN, 03 January 2014


This book is a Diabetic Dream ! *****

Mr Cathcart has a way with words that has helped many people to understand that they are not alone in the fight that is called Diabetes. So many times you feel alone in this disease, and fighting an uphill battle..... NO LONGER ALONE!

Love it, 09 January 2014


"Thanks for writing the book about 'me'!" 

Lisa Sullivan, 03 January 2014


Love it, I laugh in agreement, *****

I love this book. It is so true in everything. Best book I have read about diabetes, Great to read a book that was written by a fellow diabetic too.

Hanna W, 03 January 2014


Being diagnosed with diabetes is a sobering and frightening experience.

Learning from those who have dealt with the condition and successfully learned to manage it while leading healthy and productive lives is a good place to start. In this book, Persona Non Grata with Diabetes', author Paul Cathcart provides such a guide. Highly recommended for those newly diagnosed as well as those who struggle with managing diabetes well after their initial diagnosis..

Robert Daniels, 03 January 2014


Real life with Diabetes - Telling it Like it Is. *****

Well done Paul Cathcart! Finally, someone has written a book on what it's REALLY like to have diabetes. Most people think living with diabetes is fairly easy - eat, take medicine and off you go. Even medical professionals think along these lines. This book goes through the true ins and outs of the disease. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Shelby Kae, 03 January 2014


Truthful and honest! .

Enjoyed reading and found comfort in the fact it was wrote by a diabetic .. 
Im not a diabetic but I needed to gain real life feelings instead of just the text book info in order to understand how my son and dad feel on a daily basis . 

Rachael K, 03 January 2014


Excellent book I would recommend!, *****

This is a book that is difficult to put down. Laugh out loud moments and desperation - the highs and lows of life made even harder when you have diabetes.

Judy Wolf, 26 December 2013


Superb and enlightening book,*****

Paul Cathcart's from the heart novel, 'Persona Non Grata With Diabetes', is a must read for diabetics and also their loved ones. Having been diagnosed only earlier this year I personally felt it saved me years of confusion, trying to figure out what on earth was going on inside me. Although I was very lucky with doctors at the initial diagnosis, a few months on I had questions I didn't even know I had or how to phrase if I did and Paul's book has given me a lot of answers to those questions whilst also giving me a good chuckle. There were plenty of personal anecdotes in the book for which I could either identify with or were just very funny and/or touching, reminding anyone who reads it that a diabetic is a person not just a walking condition. It took me a while to read it simply because there was so much information to absorb but I'm glad I have. It has influenced my life for the better.

Perkimoth, 29 November 2013


Fantastic read growing up with type one diabetes,*****

As a mother of a 4 year old diabetic child I came a cross this book through a friend.
I really enjoyed it, it was funny, heart warming and made me really think of the struggles my son will go through as a adult with type one diabetes.
A really good read not just about diabetes but someone’s life struggles and over coming them.

Laura Stevens, 20 November 2013


Excellent account of living with diabetes, *****

Excellent read, find myself nodding & laughing at many of the things Mr Cathcart has put in this book as with being a type 1 diabetic I can certainly agree with his accounts of being diagnosed & also living with diabetes. Certainly not the usual text book book about living with diabetes. Brilliant x

Ange Eren, 8 November 2013


You really put it out there,

and gave me great insight on this disease from the child's perspective. As a Mom of a T1D I will never understand how it feels--inside him. I can only watch, help as best I can, and hope. Thanks for having the courage to really 'hang it all on the clothesline!'

P D Paladino, 8 November 2013


A true account of life with type 1 diabetes, *****

At last, a book about diabetes which deals with how we feel about our condition and which deals with the struggles and frustrations we face trying to balance diabetes with a 'normal' life. So much of this book resonated with my own experiences and I'm so grateful that Paul Cathcart has put pen to paper.
This book isn't only a brilliant account of life with diabetes, it's a brilliant autobiography. I'd highly recommend it to anyone, with or without any connection to diabetes. And the chapter about trying to pick up prescriptions had me in stitches!

J Acharjee, 28 October 2013


Finally a real account of life with Diabetes!, *****

In Persona Non Grata With Diabetes, Paul finally tells the truth. It's about time! It's no fun with this disease, and he brilliantly allows the reader in on his life, the ups and downs, ins and outs of live with a chronic illness that demands more and more from us every day. Brutally honest, his story could be my story. He hits the nail on the head with his depiction of surviving against all odds, and enlightens his reader with what it takes to survive. I recommend this book strongly for every diabetic, and for the families and friends of diabetics. Bravo Paul.

D Thomas, 12 October 2013


As a type one diabetic,

I have been reading books about diabetes my whole life and then being ultimately disappointed by my bland and boring purchase, how diabetes is portrayed as a non serious disease and at how 'easy' we have it compared to some other people. However, persona non grata with diabetes is a whole other sort of book. It leaves you wanting to turn the next page and before you know it you've been reading it for 3 hours...the book made me smile, laugh and even cry because its so true and honest. The things we put up with that other people say to us out of a lack of education and knowledge of diabetes is outstanding, and the worst thing is we put up with it when we feel like going crazy in our heads. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and finally there is a book that understands us diabetics. Thank you Paul, for writing the book that everyone out there has been waiting for.

Ruth Walsh, 12 October 2013


Thank you for writing this book,

a great read and as a mother to a type 1 child it was good to read a perspective of the life my child will have before him , it was good to get your perspective on life with diabetes , not just what you read on the websites about the condition... Thank you paul for writing a great book with the ups and downs to it all , we all take life for granted everyday ... Again great read

Sarah Durow, 10 October 2013


T1 Honesty*****

I have to say after reading many books on Type 1 Diabetes. This made me smile as it was so very honest. So many emotions discussed and shared. Thank you Paul for wearing your heart on your sleeve and bearing all.

Diabetes Power, 9 October 2013


True account of how we really feel on a daily basis*****

What a fantastic funny, sad, true account of diabetes!! Can relate well to alot of the facts in this book! A very simple straight to the point and easy read on how we can struggle on a daily basis! A must read for Diabetics and non diabetics. Have recommended this book and will continue to recommend it. I have only been diagnosed since dec 2012 so im still fairly new to everything and trying to find my own way of dealing with it etc so this book has defo helped me and gave me some pointers :) very well done Paul! Wont be the last time I read this book and thank you!

Big Smile, 9 October 2013


Thank you for letting me read your book,*****

it was definitely a story that needed to be told. It gave me insight into how my child feels/will feel with Type 1 Diabetes. More people need to tell their story - it seems you are among some secret society, very hush hush and no one realises the truth and the public need to know.

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic disease, 24/7 and no weekends off or holidays, as a parent I cannot remember the last night that I slept for a full night, my child has this, like you, to deal with...for the rest of her life. Too much education is lacking in the NHS, DWP, Schools, Joe public etc..... I really feel my child is winging it!

It shouldn’t be like this/it shouldn’t have been like this for you or anyone ever! Why are these so called experts being paid XXXXXX to tell you nothing and give you no advice whatsoever?? I smiled. I cried. I feel angry for you. I so... wanted to help you. I am glad that you have found your own way to deal with this. You have really helped others by putting this out there for everyone to read and I shall certainly be buying a copy for relatives/friends that think Diabetes is easy, some stupid remark by them and you just shut up and don't say anything.

Well now is the time!!

Best health and wishes for you xx

Robyn Selley, 9 October 2013


Fantastic open and honest *****

account of what life really is like for us folks with type 1 diabetes! A must read for anyone with the condition or anyone who wants a real understanding of living a life as a diabetic! Excellent!!

Miss RJ Seaton, 8 October 2013





Best Book EVER on what it is like living with Diabetes! *****

I finished the book and all I can say is, "THANK YOU" and "WOW". Your stuggles mirror my own.......in five days you can not believe how many people I have told about this book! I have quoted you and watched as others go "YEAH....THAT IS SO RIGHT ON!" I can guarantee when this hits paper back.....I am buying several and I am going to give them to all the d specialists and my personal doctor..some with some quotes UNDERLINED and HIGHLIGHTED for them! I also train diabetic alert dogs and I will carry a copy of the book to hand to those that make snide rude comments about YOU DONT LOOK DISABLED! A smile and a read this and then call me we will chat!

Thank you for bearing your soul to the world and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE EITHER!

KC Owens, 29 August 2013


Thank you so much for writing this book!

As the parent of a child with T1D I understand so much more now, he's only 5 and was dx at 18months old so he cannot describe what its like compared to what its supposed to be like. I feel like I can communicate and understand better with him now. I will keep it forever and read it many times over I am sure! I thank you for your candid and personal approach to writing this book!

Elaine Marion, 19 September 2013


Brillant book recommended, *****

Wonderful book says it how it is. laugh out load. even got the Drs at work reading it (i work on a childrens ward) and they loved it.

Alison, 15 September 2013


I found it fascinating,

It is strange to see someone describe symptoms and worries so similarly to those you personally have. I spend a lot of time trying to explain to friends and colleagues what it is like to be diabetic but seeing someone else saying similar words was eye opening. Although having been medically a T1 for 3 years I have only just gone on to insulin so I am only now having to worry about hypos, carb counting and the like. Your book has given me lots to ponder and shown me that while lots of people want to give advice, they are not me, I am different to every other diabetic and that it is me at the controls and I am responsible for where I end up. Well done, looking onward to part 2.

Greg Hawkins, 12 September 2013


Love this book,

It's good to read something written by a diabetic who goes through the same day to day struggles as myself and others. Never a truer word spoken.

Shelley Scott, 8 September 2013


Much needed, *****

"What a world it would be if we all decided to tell the truth of Diabetes and got everyone else to listen.

Paul Cathcart has to courage to say, write, what many of us are thinking, what many have gone through, what many feel- but may not be able to put it all done- or are too scared to. Finally, a book and an author that is not afraid to tell the truth about Diabetes. Finally- not a book about how to take care of Diabetes, how to "handle Diabetes" but a real life account that many can relate to. People without Diabetes NEED to read this- the world needs to understand that we are more than a number and a disease that it isn't just a simple numbers game because we are people at the end of the day. As a fellow person living Diabetes, I could relate to so much of this, and I am forever grateful that Cathcart has had the courage to write this down- and to also inspire me to write it all as well. This is a must read- and I will be forever recommending this book to all I know. I hope to see it on the bookshelves of the states soon."

Mindy, 21 September 2013


Joycean prose about an Angry Young Man, *****

In Persona Non Grata With Diabetes,Paul Cathcart continues the literary tradition of John Osborne with his tale of an angry young diabetic. In often Joycean prose, he describes his childhood on the brutal streets of Glasgow and his struggles to manage his blood sugar. We follow him as he ricochets between hyper- and hypoglycemia, taking more and more insulin to control the highs, then devouring chips and sodas to cope with the resulting low, bouncing between depression and fury. An engaging story that should be read by anyone who believes managing diabetes is easy.

Mary Dexter, 10 September 2013


Blown away

It's almost like you took my own thoughts and put them on paper. I am so happy & relieved to find someone who understands and deals with this disease like myself. Most people closest to me don't understand the depression, anxiety and emotional side of diabetes. I am hoping a copy of the book may help my friends and family understand why I do the things I do.

Mike Graham, 29 August 2013


Paul Cathcart's memoir, *****

delves into the depths of the diabetic mind; the guilt, the pain and the frustrations of trying to live in our modern world with diabetes.

As a fellow diabetic of many years, I could often relate to Cathcart's internal struggles within the memoir from having others, including doctors, not understand the immense inner turmoil a high or low blood sugar can cause to eventually losing yourself completely to your disease.

From empathizing to the embarrassment of constant bathroom breaks at work to not being able to sleep at night due to highs or fear of having a seizure, it becomes somewhat therapeutic to read and be able to understand that so many others are going through the same hardships when it comes to diabetes, and in Cathcart's case, to see that others are eventually reaching a middle-ground in their never-ending battle against this diease.

Diabetes is not any easy chronic illness to live with, and that is certainly exemplified through Cathcart's memoir. If anything, this true life story will either give you a better understanding of the life of a diabetic - the agonizing pain felt and how it can completely change a person - or as a fellow diabetic it may offer you a sense of common reality shared through experiences.

Becca Clark, 25 August 2013


A brutally honest account,

of one man’s battle with diabetes and the roller coaster that he is forced to ride without the benefit of being strapped in. It is a tale told by a gifted writer full of meaningful sound and fury. Anyone with diabetes, and anyone lucky enough to not have it, will be able to relate to Paul Cathcart’s engaging autobiographabetes!

Diabetes Duo, 23 August 2013


So far the only book

I have enjoyed about diabetes is 'Persona Non Grata with Diabetes' by Paul Cathcart. It is funny, honest, and heartfelt, stop over and say hi to him.

Meredith Balogh, 21 August 2013


Best diabetic read ever - *****

Finally a book about being diabetic that isn't patronising, doesnt moralise and tells it like it is. I read this book in one go. I shared so many feelings, experiences and opinions of being a type 1 D I went through the whole spectrum of emotions as I read it.

I recognised my own denial and anger and my own breakthrough to acceptance when meeting the right team. Maybe it's like love, all a question of timing and meeting the right people at the right time? For me, after years in a diabetic wilderness, it was connecting with a team who made me feel cared for. This should be compulsory reading for all diabetic consultants and diabetes specialist nurses.

We could probably all write our own versions of this book, they would probably all be equally as powerful but I thank Paul for having the courage to actually do it. Definitely the best diabetic read ever.

CJ, 14 August 2013


Trainspotting on Insulin, ****

I bought this to try and understand the emotional impact of diabetes.

My son is 3 years down the road since type 1 came into our lives and is still a young child. I wanted to prepare myself for the tough years which lie ahead and to try to understand how he may feel about his diabetes in the years ahead.

This book would make a great movie - it reads somewhat like a film script and had me interested and fascinated from the word go. The Authors’ difficult early years in Glasgow are depicted vividly as he struggles to vote (cope?) with his diagnosis and living the life of a young man out drinking and partying.

Miss Lilly, 10th August 2013


As the parent of a Type 1D, ****

it is important that we can “get inside” our children’s heads and try to put ourselves in their shoes. Paul’s book gives a no hole barred look at what a person with this disease feels, struggles with and can accomplish in life! I appreciate him, our friendship and his view on T1 4 Stars from me for sure!

Cathy Dow, 09 August 2013


A real life story that reads like a novel, *****

Persona Non Grata With Diabetes is a candid reflection on living with an illness. An illness which, on the surface, seems manageable and less serious than some others, but as any type 1 diabetic (including myself) will tell you - there is plenty more than meets the eye.

Cathcart takes us into his world, from a difficult childhood growing up in a rough area of Glasgow, through his teenage partying years, on to adulthood riddled with health and personal problems. With every step we feel his frustration as he struggles to deal with his diabetes without proper care and guidance, from clueless health professionals to unsympathetic bosses. We see how diabetes truly effects every aspect of one's life, and how most of us strive to be a "good diabetic" but often times fail due to lack of information and communication with the people we ought to trust -our doctors.

Cathcart pulls no punches - his book reveals all. Although this is not a "how-to" book, and is devoid of medical jargon and complex explanations of diabetes (which makes it easy to read even for non-diabetics, uninterested in the minute details of the illness), it conveys an important message: diabetes is NOT an easy illness to live with. It is a constant struggle for most of us, and I can't think of any diabetic who has not been through similar ordeals in their diabetic lives (at least in the beginning stages of living with this illness). I encourage everyone - whether diabetic or not - to read this heartfelt and gripping account of a person struggling to live a normal life with an incurable disease.

J. Wozniak, 01August 2013


I have never read something that touched upon the various different emotions,

and struggles, along with the strides, we each make on a regular basis. I recommend this for anyone struggling with their diagnosis and coping of any type of diabetes! Very insightful - we are not alone.

Chrissy Gorman, 29 July 2013


I felt that was my story you'd written,

subsequent to my diabetes diagnosis! Felt each word that I read & could totally relate :)

Sarah Fazli, 17 July 2013 


Best book I've read

and so many things to say "snap" about! A lot of the book is like reading my own diary... if I had bothered to write one that is :)

David Hansford, 05 July 2013


Simply brilliant. No truer account of life with diabetes. *****

The best diabetes life account ever. It has totally changed the way I am looking at my own diabetes. The author is a true inspiration. That said you don't need to be diabetic to enjoy the book. The three bears chapter is probably the best description of diabetes written within any book / blog.

Olly, 28 May 2013


No holds barred account of living with diabetes. ****

Paul Cathcart tells it exactly like it is in this brutally honest account of his life before and after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I found it both sad and funny, and definitely thought-provoking. I cringed at the descriptions of his encounters with Healthcare Professionals and sensed that he felt alone, unsupported and let down by the NHS. Paul has strong opinions and is openly cynical about the Pharmaceutical Industry. Although not everyone will agree with him I personally found his thoughts and ideas interesting. Many people, including Health Professionals, fail to understand how difficult diabetes can be to live with. They wonder why people with diabetes don’t just ‘behave themselves’, and don’t appreciate how much people struggle to gain control of their health. I recommend this book for those people in particular.

Rebecca L Owen, 22 May 2013


Wonderful. Truly enlightening!*****

At last someone who fully understands what it is like and what we go through. This has helped me enormously in understanding my diabetic son. To think for a while I naively assumed all the mood swings were typical teenage years not for one minute did I think it was his diabetes making him emotional and more unwell.

Bear Because, 22 April 2013


Yes it was very good

I liked it a lot and had some good laughs out of it a great read and I would recommend it to all my friends to read!

Stephanie Knight, 8 October 2013


I really appreciated the first hand experience

and point of view of a diabetic. You have expressed the anger, resentment, and frustration that I feel constantly. It is such a non stop battle and struggle.

Jamie Todd, 8 October 2013


I have enjoyed reading this book,

and its nice to know that someone else is going through the same. I would highly recommend this book to fellow Diabetics. It is a good read.

Irene Nolan, 8 October 2013


As a Diabetic for 23 years,

i have read many articles, books etc on the subject many of them very similar in content, but i found this book very informative and interesting, well worth looking into for yourselves if you haven't already, excellent.

Mark Everton Jones, 8 October 2013







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