Understanding Diabetic Emotion    
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"My bible that sits by my bed for when I think no one else understands."

Lynda, 28 August 2015


"Diabetes Is Not A Blue Circle, Diabetes Is Blood Red."

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"This book is a diabetic dream."


"I tell you how messed up diabetes is: the medical community actually looks at you funny when your blood sugar is level. - He must be cheating, they think to themselves."


Back cover

I wrote this book because I kept getting ill and the hospitals could not make me better.

I wrote this book because they kept telling me to make myself better, but I couldn't and my world fell apart.

I wrote this book because I'd lost four good jobs already, and I kept finding myself in the street not knowing who or where I was.

I wrote this book because the Diabetes Industry kept telling me just to have some more insulin.

Then they told me things were a lot worse than I ever could have imagined. – So I figured things out and I made myself better. I wrote this book for you.


"Growing up, coming to terms with, and living through the complications of diabetes."







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Only halfway through, but ...*****

"I felt moved to write, and thank the author for writing this book. It is the most honest and moving account I have ever heard or read of a life with Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed in 1993, have been good, have been bad, have been very bad, and this helped me to realise I am not alone. It made me laugh and sometimes on the same page, nearly cry, and yes, insulin does smell like the inside of a hospital. Which may or may not always be comforting. Highly recommended to anyone living with Diabetes or living with someone with the condition. My partner is going to read it next! Thanks again. Keep writing." continue to reader reviews

Trinity, 16 May 2014


As the parent of a Type 1D,****

it is important that we can “get inside” our children’s heads and try to put ourselves in their shoes. Paul’s book gives a no hole barred look at what a person with this disease feels, struggles with and can accomplish in life! 4 Stars from me for sure! continue to professional reviews

Cathy Dow, 09 August 2013



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"A Gold Mine of Straight Talk and Encouragement."


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"Diabetes Support and Information."


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"Helping Authors Succeed."



Diabetes: You Are Not Alone

Official Press Release

Explained with Honest Wit and Real World Experiences ... continue reading


Diabetes 101(for real)

What is diabetes? How do you care for your diabetes? Diabetes, what should I eat? When is the cure for diabetes coming? ... continue reading


"An understanding of diabetic emotion over life defining moments. Bridging the gap between professional understanding and who we are."




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square point Dating, late 20's
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Blood sugar test strips. My cat swallows these.  
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